About Us

ADVANCED BIOMEDICS LLC- Louisiana Company Dedicated to Providing the Highest Standard Pharmaceutical -Grade Marijuana Throughout the Cultivation, Extraction & Manufacturing Processes

 Advanced Biomedics LLC is a Louisiana company dedicated to providing only the highest standard pharmaceutical-grade marijuana products throughout the cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing processes.   Our goal is to cultivate high-yielding and fast-growing plants so that we are able to provide more affordable products for our patients and meet the growing demand for medicinal marijuana in Louisiana.    Our cultivation team will use only the best plant genetics for the most effective plant-based medicine available. Our expert cultivators will implement consistent cultivation practices across the entire growth cycle of the marijuana plant, as healthy and vibrant plants yield higher quality products.     Our extraction and products manufacturing plan has been designed by top industry experts to ensure operations that are in line with best practice and FDA standards.  Our manufacturing team will transform those plants into consistent, effective, and pure pharmaceutical grade solutions. Advanced Biomedics will consistently adhere to high standards throughout the cultivation and manufacturing process to ensure pure and stable marijuana products for Louisiana’s patient population.     Advanced Biomedics was founded by a Louisiana native and owner of two successful Louisiana pharmacies with extensive experience in compounding and with dispensing specialty medications.  He has provided medication counseling to his pharmacy customers for over twenty years, and has a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical needs of his customers. With experience as our foundation, Advanced Biomedics is formulating a research and development platform to conduct clinical research to ensure the production of products designed to meet the specific needs of Louisiana patients